$14.99 USD

Beard Royally

Bahawat Ox Horn Beard Comb is 6" in length and fits in the palm of your hand which has the stunning Bahawat logo laser engraved into it. What makes this beard comb so amazing is that it does not generate static electricity, allowing it to glide through your facial hair with ease!

Size: 6" , 40 teeth
Material: Sandalwood Handle and Black Ox Horn Comb Bristles


- Easy to use tool for rapid styling of beard at any time, regular use guarantees a well-kept and smooth beard.
- Preserves keratin proteins and enhances the quality of the beard - Inhibits static build-up.
- Handmade with quality materials | 100% natural black ox horn & natural sandalwood handle.
- Shape and design adapts to all types of beards and mustaches.