Our Story




Above and beyond all else, the tale of Bahawat is a love story.

As with every marriage, we each have skill sets, interests, and talents that are unique to ourselves. I have spent years building a reputation as a skilled and successful barber, while she has spent her life exploring the healing powers of nature as an herbalist and botanical expert. Our journey to creating Bahawat starts with our own talents, and our love for each other.

Suffering from sensitive skin my whole life, my wife often found herself dabbling with tinctures, herbs, essences, and ingredients designed to heal my skin. As she continued to explore, we began to work together in order to create products that would not only heal my skin naturally – but also provide an added level nutrition and care for my facial hair. After weeks of using  butters and oils that we had crafted together, my wife looked at me with pride in her eyes and simply said, “You are my Pasha.” In our native tongue, this was a way of saying I was her True Gentleman – a handsome, distinguished, and honorable man. Instantly, we knew that not only would we start our small business journey together in hopes of helping other men embrace their own Pasha within – we knew what our company would be named: Bahawat(plural of Pasha)

Together, we developed the products that would become the cornerstone of Bahawat, and as a couple, set out to create a line of beard and hair products that were affordable, clean, and luxurious. The Bahawat love story goes beyond our marriage, however. It is driven by our love of cruelty-free, clean, and organic products. It is our passion for creating products that exceed all expectations. It is a love for providing incredible products to an audience of like-minded individuals who value high-quality products and natural personal care.

Love your skin. Love your planet. Love your beard.