Our Mission

Welcome to Bahawat – Where healthy beard/hair, clean ingredients, and true gentlemen meet.

Bahawat Grooming Company created out of a desire to create highly luxurious and deeply masculine grooming products that stand out. We promise to provide the luxury of quality essentials to care for your everyday needs with products that actually work & don’t have any cheaply made counterparts. 

Bahawat scents are layered and uncommon, evolving as time clicks. We have done our research, put the hours in, learned what works for beards and hair and what doesn't ,& not a pre-mixed formula with a cute name.

Founded in Florida, USA in 2019. Bahawat offers outstanding beard and hair care products that have been expertly formulated, carefully crafted, and meticulously tested to deliver unsurpassed results that you can feel good about. Deriving our name from the plural of “Pasha”- someone who had the most charismatic personality who stood at the helm and set the course. Bahawat carefully crafts high-quality hair & beard oils, butters, and wellness products that help a man look, feel, and be his best.

As a small family owned and operated business, Bahawat is steadfast in our mission to provide exceptional products that not only honor our values, ethics, and commitment to excellence – but respect the time, money, and trust our customers place in our products. Combining years of experience as a successful barber and a lifetime of herbalist, naturalist, and botanical experience Wife, Bahawat proudly offers incredible beard and  hair oils, butters, and products that are cruelty-free, clean, and effective.

At our core, we believe that caring for your health and wellness goes beyond what you put in your body – it should also focus on what you put on your body. We believe that when you look and feel your best, you open yourself up to endless possibility. With our natural and organic personal care products that feature the highest-quality, clean, cold-pressed ingredients available today, Bahawat helps you look and feel your absolute best – the ultimate sign of a true gentleman.