Three Must-Know Tips for Eating During the Holidays

For bearded diners, mealtime can be filled with anxiety and trepidation under the best of circumstances – such as a quiet meal at home, alone.  However, during the holidays, the stresses of eating and celebrating in large crowds can be daunting for bearded individuals.  At some point in nearly every bearded man’s life, a well-meaning party guest has pointed out a piece of appetizer or side-dish that has made its way into their facial mane, cleverly asking, “Are you saving some for later?”

No one wants that.

To avoid social catastrophe (and just a dirty beard in general), here are three quick Aps to help you make it through the holidays disaster free:

Get Stylish  There are ways to style your beard that can not only look chic and trendy, but can also minimize food infiltrating your facial hair.  Depending on the length of your beard, consider elastics, braids, or thick beard butters to perfectly coif your beard. 

Get Forked  Finger foods are not your friend.  Stick to food items that can be eaten with a spoon or fork in order to maximize the amount of food that actually makes it into your mouth and not into your ‘stache.

Get Sippin’  Okay, we know that straws get a bad wrap for being unmanly – but as the general community of bearded men grows, straws are gaining major traction.  The reality is, using a straw will prevent a whole host of problems (and bacteria) from ever getting into your beard.  Sip with confidence.

The holidays are hard enough without stressing out about food getting into your beard.  Use these three Aps to help make your holidays merry and bright.