A well-maintained beard can be a fashionable way to take your look to the next level and express your individuality. Beards can even add more definition to your jawline. But beneath that stylish facial hair, you might experience some not-so-fashionable beard acne. And while these little beard bumps may remain hidden in your beard, they can still cause irritation, and when left untreated, are a recipe for worsening acne.Nothing ruins the look of a well-groomed beard like red, angry-looking pimples hiding underneath it. Beard-related acne can be painful, frustrating and embarrassing.


Beard acne are the pimples that develop inside or underneath your facial hair or beard. It’s also sometimes known as folliculitis, which could be either bacterial or due to ingrown hairs.


The good news is that there are simple ways to prevent and treat your beard acne. With a few adjustments to your regular skin care regimen, you can achieve a blemish-free beard once more.

Here are three of the things you need to know:

    1. Beards must be washed regularly to remove bacteria-causing acne.
    2. A men’s skin care regimen that includes exfoliating and moisturizing can reduce beard-related acne.
    3. The wrong shaving technique can contribute to breakouts of razor bumps and beard acne.Adjust your shaving Technique
    4. Don’t overlook a comb: A beard comb can help spread products like moisturizer, conditioner, and beard oil through your beard. Combing also helps detangle your beard, which helps prevent ingrown hairs.