Why proper care for your beard or moustache goes beyond the beard comb & keeping it trimmed and tangle free.

There are endless reasons why a man might decide to grow a beard – perhaps to change up their look, bring added warmth in the colder months, or perhaps cultural reasons.  Regardless the reason, ask any beard grower and they’ll tell you – it’s not as simple as just throwing away your razor.  Growing and maintaining a beard is a labor of love, and proper maintenance can become critical to the success of the beard growing endeavor.

For many beard and moustache growers, the expectation is that keeping the hairs trimmed and combed through is all that is needed to maintain a healthy mane.  While keeping the beard trimmed and tangle free is important, over working the beard can actually cause more damage to the hair and skin if it has not been properly nourished and cared for prior to grooming.  Using carefully formulated beard and moustache products such as beard butters and beard oils not only provide the moisture and nutrition needed for a great beard, they help fortify the strands and skin in order to endure combing and cutting.  

No matter your reason for growing a beard, you owe it to yourself to provide it with the best protection and products to ensure it looks, feels, and stays healthy and looking great.  Choose products that will supply your adventures in facial hair from the root up.