What is Bahawat?

Bahawat is a natural grooming brand.  We believe that each ingredient matters and you shouldn’t have to worry about the products you use on your body.  We strive to create high quality products without complicated, harsh chemicals.  Products made with simple, safe ingredients that work. 

Do I really need special products for my beard and moustache?

Short answer:  Yes.  You do. 

Longer answer:  Special care for your beard and mustache goes far beyond just looking smooth and stylish – it is actually critical to maintaining healthy skin and facial hair.  Much like proper care for your hair and skin is a necessity for skin health and nourishment, facial hair maintenance is a crucial component to your personal hygiene routine if you have a beard or mustache.  However, keeping your beard washed, clean, and nourished is even more critical to your overall skin health due in part to its proximity to your mouth – an absolute vector for bacteria and food particles.  Beard hair and facial skin has a unique set of needs, and as such, special products are an absolute must in order to keep your beard looking lush and staying clean.

Can’t I just use my regular soap or shampoo for my beard?

Depends, do you like split-ends and irritated skin? 

While beard hair might feel coarse and tough, the truth is that the basic molecular makeup of these follicles and strands are far more delicate than you realize.  Additionally, facial skin is among the most sensitive on your entire body, and is quick to become irritated or even infected if damaged by the wrong product.  Most standard soaps and shampoos are filled with irritants and chemicals that can cause split ends in beards, dry and frizzy hair follicles, and super irritated skin under the hair.  By using products that focus on cleanliness, including oils and butters that are nourishing while not causing build up, you can protect your beard and skin without doing damage.

Exactly what is the difference between Beard Oil and Beard Butter?

Beard Oil and Beard Butters are wonderful ways to treat, nourish, and sustain a luscious and luxurious beard or mustache – but what does each do?

Beard Oil is the ideal daily moisturizer and conditioner for beards.  It has light styling properties and delivers exceptional care to the skin underneath your beard or mustache. Beard Oil is a viscous liquid that is usually distributed in a dropper or pump. 

Beard Butter is a more solid option, literally and figuratively, for both styling and nourishment.  Offering a deeper conditioning experience, Beard Butter is a solid product that also doubles as a terrific styling product.

How long will it take before I start seeing a difference?  

First of all, you’ll start to feel a difference almost immediately.  Our products are carefully curated and formulated to deliver exceptional results right away.  Each product is infused with specific scents with specific impacts in mind, and the incredible moisturizing power of our products will be noticeable immediately.  As to how long it will take to heal and cure damaged beards or hair – your mileage may vary.  Typically, our clients see improvements in 2-4 weeks.

How can I contact Bahawat?

We would love to hear from you! If you have questions, feedback, or product suggestions you can contact us directly at “info@bahawat.com".

How does subscription work?

A subscription with Bahawat allows you to receive Bahawat products at a consistent frequency, set by you. This way, you never run out! You also receive a 20% discount on your order for subscribing.

If you're interested in subscribing, simply choose the Subscribe & Save option on the product page and select your order frequency. Please note that certain items are not available through a subscription.

Once you have subscribed, you will be in complete control of your subscription. You can change the scents you receive, the frequency you receive them or even your next shipping date at any time. In addition, you can update your address, cancel your subscription, or skip a shipment at any time simply by logging into your account.

Why are you so obsessed with clean products and materials?

Our hair and skin are products of nature – and using other products derived from nature just delivers the best results.  By using clean, natural, and holistic products, we can deliver an extraordinary experience that delivers incredible results – all while minimizing our impact on the environment and embracing the healing power of Mother Nature.

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