Massive Value Works Great !

Bahawat has been an absolute game changer for me. Came from a recommendation from a friend. Checked out the reviews and figured to give it a shot.No more itchy skin or redness, it’s been amazing. And for how much you get in the bottle. It’s a freakin steal.If you haven’t tried it yet grab a bottle. It’ll level up your beard game big time.

Adam W.

Solves my beardruff!
This oil smells great, it rubs in well and I don’t get that greasy feeling all day. But most of all it soothes my skin and there’s no more beardruff.

Charlie Keila

This replaced multiple products on my bathroom counter, the best I’ve found period!
Living in a hotter climate finding beard products that don’t irritate my skin when I sweat or workout can be a bit of a challenge.The moment I opened it and put a few drops in my hand I knew I had liquid gold. It goes on easy and smells AMAZING! A tiny bit goes a long way so the value is incredible.I’ve used a ton of different oils and most of them feel, well, too oily. This is like liquid silk. One thing I will warn men about though, it smells so good that my wife looked at the ingredients and was like “uhh I pay way more for some of these oils and I like yours more” so now she uses a few drops as well. 


The best beard product I’ve ever used!
I’ve used many different oils, pomades, waxes, and conditioners. None of them compare to the light refreshing feeling and smell of Bahawat Organic Beard Oil. It keeps my beard looking and feeling great all day. I highly recommend this product and not mention my wife loves the way it smells and how soft my beard is now that I’m using Bahawat.

Frank C.

Outstanding quality, effectiveness, and scent!
Easily the best beard oils I've used - while being one of the least expensive. I can't speak for how much it speeds up growth (my beard grows in pretty quickly as is), but it's caused by beard to grow in fuller, evenly, and healthier. It provides a great shine and hydrates well - my wife has stopped about my beard 'poking' her.

Justice O.

It makes my beard soft and moisturized.
It was recommended by a friend, It smells great and it keeps my beard soft and moisturized for a long time. I like the fact that it comes in a spray bottle. It makes the application easier and less messy.


The smell is outstanding, not too strong as many beard oils and it’s so refreshing specially when I wear it before I go to the gym so no matter how much I sweat the oil don’t fall on my face and what I figured is the hair observed it very quickly.It’s not thick or greasy as so many oils are tho, so as I mentioned the hair will observe it fast.The value of the money is awesomeI spent way more on beard oils before and it’s not even close result then what I paid for bahawat.


The Last Beard Oil You Will Ever Need or Buy!
I had been struggling with trying to find a good quality beard oil that would moisturize, smell great, and not break the bank. This beard oil hits all three on the head perfectly! I apply after the shower and it leaves my beard, soft, cool, and moisturized. Theres no dry itchy feeling when I use this oil and the smell is not too overpowering. The consistency is not too thick or thin and spreads easily. Absolutely recommend this product to anyone that has a beard/mustache.

Sir Don Dada

I have searched high and low from corner store premium oils to ordering therapeutic grade oils to make my own blend based on ancient ingredients. I purchased this on the 16th I was hoping to give it a month before I left a review. The scent is out of this world it really smells like something from the ancient Levant also it hold, cleans, cleanses the skin under and moisturizes the hair giving it a sparkling shine. You will literally see the hair growing on your face every trip to the bathroom. Its oil so don't go too crazy with it but for its price this is liquid platinum.

Kristopher Wohrle

Amazing beard oil!
I love this beard oil! Smells like a tropical island or floral garden. My beard is so soft. I can’t say enough good things about this beard oil. Don’t hesitate to buy it!

David Mcginnis

The best beard oil I have used
The sent is great! it has thickened my beard and my girls loves how soft it has made my beard. I whole heartedly highly recommend this get this beard oil. I have tried many over the years and this is by far the best one I have used.


Perfection in a bottle
I'm pretty sure I've found my favorite beard oil,, actually I'm positive. The ingredients are essentially all you need for a perfect healthy beard and skin in one bottle. The scent for me took a bit because its so complex,, it's just rich masculine manliness. How would I describe it ? I guess... imagine your in a heavenly garden and you can smell the early morning due on the flowers, trees, soil, some place along the Strait of Gibraltar in a Moroccan port.


Results Within 2 Weeks Of Beard Growth Process...Smells Awesome
My Beard Was Very Dry And Itchy Plus I Had Some Patches That Wouldn’t Grow So After I Read About This Product That Has Organic Black Seed Oil & Has A Mixture Of Nice Organic Oils I Did My Research To See What Benefits Black Seed Oil Has And I’ll Tell You What! Within The First 2 Weeks I Could Feel My Beard Growing Thicker & The Scent Is Very Light And Smooth, It Stays On All Day And It Doesn’t Leave It Feeling Greasy.


Amazing beard oil 
One of the best beard oil ever had! 
I definitely want to buy it again.

Dove Goldenberg
Works Great!
Amazing product!!! Definitely going to tell others about it and be a return customer for this item over and over again!!


This product really works!
My husband used it for his face and it has noticeably helped. I even used it on my scalp for my thinning hair and it has made a significant difference! Love this product! Would definitely recommend.

Karla G. Revert

Best thing for your man!
got this for my husband and we absolutely love it, yes I said we. I love how he looks he loves how he feels. It is a fabulous product!


Worth it!
Great product. My beard was getting a bit itchy and someone recommended this product. I use it before I shave, for a lubricant and when it grows longer, I use it in my beard to moisturize it. It smells good and for the amount of money it cost, it is worth it. - Thanks —Frank


Kevin C.
Works really well
Been using this for a little while now and it really started to help get rid of the patchyness. Boosted hair growth where I needed it to. Keeps my beard nice and soft all day and under control. Working great!

Organic Oil Amazing
After got tired from trying cheap beard oil I decided to give this product a shot because my beard was destroyed and have couple patches, after 2 weeks from trying this oil I feel the difference it’s so awesome It smells like a summer on the beach I highly recommend this product!

Jeremy flowers
It's %100 worth the money I highly recommend, yes!
It's 100% worth the money!! I was so tired trying new beard oil every time and most of them says organic and natural until I found this brand, it's really nice sense, light, smooth and refreshing!From day one I feel that's the product I would use for my beard.I highly recommend the try.